God has been generous to us! More than that, he wants us to follow his example to generosity…but there is something that keeps us from fully embracing generosity. In this sermon, I dissect the important truth that in order to embrace generosity, we must first release our greed.

A lot of preachers don’t like speaking on the topic of money, finances, etc. For some reason, I’ve never minded it. Jesus seemed to talk a lot about money, so why should we shy away from the topic? If our wallets are so intertwined with our faith, then we do people a spiritual disservice by not helping them bring this area of their life under God’s will.

I am horrible at basketball, by the way. I never thought for one second that I was going to make that shot – funny what God can do when you’re willing to make a fool of yourself.

Sermon begins at 24:15.

Generous Release (11-24-13, God’s Been Generous to Me Series)

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