Do you know we live in a culture that criticizes 7x more than encourages? First Christian went through a fun series dealing with our words, called “Scrabble.” In this sermon, I have the chance to dive into one of the reasons why so many relationships are toxic…and what we can do about it.

A few months before we began this series, I had a chance to watch Jeff Henderson share a message about encouragement at North Point Community Church. I was introduced through his message to this important concept, and the image of the scale really stuck with me. What a great “coincidence” (or blessing), then, when a few months later Steve was sharing his ideas about a series on words and I had the opportunity to jump at a message on encouragement, as well. I appreciated the opportunity to share this chance to add my spin on the topic and share it with our congregation.

All that to say – sometimes us pastors need a sermon preached at us, too.

Encouragement (09-15-13, Scrabble Series)

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