First Christian did an awesome series from Christmas to Easter called “HIStory,” all about the life and ministry of Jesus. Each month we looked at a different part of his life, and in February we explored HIS Messages. In this sermon, I tackle Jesus’ first sermon, and the three things he taught about HIS Kingdom: it’s near, it’s good news, and it calls us to action. Are you ready to repent and believe?

This was an interesting sermon to prepare. I had preached a standalone sermon on the Kingdom of God just nine months before this one, called “The King and His Kingdom.” It was tough to not simply regurgitate what I had preached in that sermon as I got this one going. I knew that there was a good chance that much of the crowd would notice the repetition, so I tried to approach it from a different angle. In the first sermon, my textual basis had been the parables of Jesus that dealt with the kingdom. So in this sermon, I tried to draw everything simply from Jesus’ first message in Mark 1:14-15. I didn’t succeed entirely, but the new focus allowed me to come up with something that was different enough to satisfy.

Sermon begins at 24:55.

HIS Kingdom (02-02-14, HIStory Series)

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