If you haven’t picked it up already, I love to preach! Here is a selection of sermons that I have delivered in the past…

As we jumped into 2015, First Christian began a series called “Revolutions.” Resolutions focus on changing problems. Revolutions – old school disciplines – focus on changing patterns. In this series, I had a chance to preach on the discipline of study.


In the month of November, First Christian delivered a series called “Thankful4,” and I had a chance to preach on one of the few things a Christian can ALWAYS be thankful for.

Our “Trapped” series (see next sermon) concluded with a chance for me to touch on the subject of isolation and loneliness. In this sermon, I dealt with the unfortunate fact that so many people around us are used to being a face in the crowd, but don’t have anyone that knows their face. If that’s you today, know this: God knows you.

Unfortunately, due to some technical glitches from that Sunday…this video contains sub-par audio and a gap or two. If you’re interested in knowing what you missed, you can go to this sermon’s post here.

Our summer series at First Christian dealt with the various “traps” that ensnare us, and how we can get free by God’s help. In this sermon, I had some fun with the otherwise serious trap of lies. Lies twist what we think, corrupt what we do, and infect what we believe. But the good news is that “the truth shall set you free.”

Continuing in the HIStory series (see next sermon), I had the chance to again kickoff a new section of Jesus life when we began looking at HIS Miracles throughout the month of March. In this sermon, I deal with the tricky subject of demon possession. There are a lot of ways people could approach the subject, and the idea probably brings up more questions than answers. But the most important thing to remember is that no matter what – Jesus has all the authority.

Sermon begins at 13:48.

First Christian did an awesome series from Christmas to Easter called “HIStory,” all about the life and ministry of Jesus. Each month we looked at a different part of his life, and in February we explored HIS Messages. In this sermon, I tackle Jesus’ first sermon, and the three things he taught about HIS Kingdom: it’s near, it’s good news, and it calls us to action. Are you ready to repent and believe?

Sermon begins at 24:55.

God has been generous to us! More than that, he wants us to follow his example to generosity…but there is something that keeps us from fully embracing generosity. In this sermon, I dissect the important truth that in order to embrace generosity, we must first release our greed.

Sermon begins at 24:15.

Do you know we live in a culture that criticizes 7x more than encourages? First Christian went through a fun series dealing with our words, called “Scrabble.” In this sermon, I have the chance to dive into one of the reasons why so many relationships are toxic…and what we can do about it.

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