DSC_7110No offense to Charles Dickens, but my life is the real tale of two cities. Born in Florissant, a northern suburb of St. Louis, I moved to Raleigh, NC when I was still just a wee lad. There, I learned to love the outdoors, NC State, and Carolina Barbecue. After college I was given the opportunity to serve on the ministry staff at a church right back in Florissant, and have remained here for over seven years. I love preaching and teaching, and live to share the gospel with all those who would listen. I’ve been known to enjoy cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals, re-watching LOST, and eating anything sweet.

I graduated from Johnson University with a B.A. in Bible and Preaching in 2007, and then from Lincoln Christian University with a M.Div. in New Testament in 2013. I am currently in the process of wrapping up an M.A., also from LCU, in Old Testament. Pray that my thesis writing is quick and fruitful. I may continue further in my scholarly pursuits someday, but for now I’ll be glad to catch my breath. One thing all these books have blessed me with is the chance to serve as an adjunct faculty member of Saint Louis Christian College, where I have taught courses in the area of Spiritual Formation.

In the spring of 2012 (because I couldn’t bear the thought of a winter wedding), I married the love of my life, Lauren. In our relationship, I’m usually the one that looks one hundred miles down the road to see where we’re going, and she’s usually the one that figures out how to actually get there. I can’t wait to figure out together where God will take us in the years ahead.

This website is an opportunity for me to process the ways that God is growing me in thought and deed, as well as a look back and where I’ve come from. If you enjoy the chance for you to walk alongside me while I do, I’m glad.

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