Our summer series at First Christian dealt with the various “traps” that ensnare us, and how we can get free by God’s help. In this sermon, I had some fun with the otherwise serious trap of lies. Lies twist what we think, corrupt what we do, and infect what we believe. But the good news is that “the truth shall set you free.”

This sermon was the fifth installment of our “Trapped” series. An entire month of talking about “traps,” and not one reference to Admiral Ackbar. It boggles the mind.

Also, in the message I accidentally┬árefer to the aforementioned intergalactic war hero as “General Ackbar.” My apologies to the Admiral, the Rebel Alliance, and Star Wars nerds everywhere.

Trapped By Lies (07-13-14, Trapped Series)

One thought on “Trapped By Lies (07-13-14, Trapped Series)

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